• Program Evaluation: We will work with you to design and implement an evaluation, to analyze the data, to present the findings in various media, and to use the findings to streamline your program.

  • Survey Research: We will work with you to develop, distribute, analyze, and report on paper and online surveys.

  • Needs Assessments: We can help you to use evaluation results to provide make effective decisions about future program planning.

  • Focus Group Research: We will work with you to plan focus groups, facilitate them, and analyze focus group results.

  • Evaluation Training: We can provide training to help you develop your organization’s capacity for evaluation.

  • Database Design and Development: We will develop a data management system that will help you to organize and manage your data efficiently.

  • Other Evaluation and Social Research Issues: We can help you with other evaluation, research or statistical issues not discussed here.t starts at 3:00 a.m. when the warehouse crew arrives. At 6:00 a.m. the trucks are rolling, loaded with nutritious foods headed for hundreds of locations across San Francisco and Marin.





Your Organization Can Use This Data To:

  We will develop an evaluation plan tailored to your needs, using methodologies most suited for your evaluation goals. Some data collection methods include:

  • Questionnaires

  • On-line Surveys

  • Key Informant Interviews

  • Focus Groups

  • Observational Techniques

We can analyze data quantitatively (using statistical analysis) and qualitatively, and can present the results using text, tables and graphics, or web-based presentations.

  • Evaluate program effectiveness

  • Streamline and strengthen your programs

  • Make resource allocation decisions

  • Assess needs

  • Clarify goals and strategies

  • Develop further funding proposals